Milk Pot Granite by Elomda

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Milk Pot Granite

Made in Egypt

  • 1 Milk Pot with Fiber Handle - Size (16 cm)
  • Thickness: 3 mm

Elomda manufactures non-stick aluminum cookware coating by granite using the high quality of raw materials worldwide with five layers of coating to guarantee the longest sustainability for our products 


Granite cookware has numerous advantages:

  •  Lightweight, you may think of granite as a heavy material, granite cookware weighs much less than cast iron.
  •  Providing a non-stick surface, the coating provides a slick surface that makes cleanup a breeze.
  •  Conducting heat well, the inner core warms up quickly and holds in heat to reduce your overall cooking time.
  •  Having an aesthetically pleasing appearance, many people enjoy granite cookware because it is attractive and goes well with nearly any kitchen décor.
  •  Resisting rust, granite pans will not rust like cast iron is prone to do.
  •  Providing safety, the coating will not leach when cooking or storing highly acidic dishes.


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